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Microsoft Word Specialist - Level 1

Do you need to know the basics of Microsoft Word? We’ll teach you shortcuts and quicker ways of working from the outset. If you need to create stunning documents which are beautifully formatted, with tables and using heading styles to quickly make an impact, this is an ideal course for you! This course is ideal for beginners or those wanting to learn quicker ways to work. We take the stress out of working with Word.


Getting started

You will be able to move confidently around the document and master some simple but effective shortcuts, saving you hours!

Editing text

How to select text, how to undo, re-do, find and replace words, images and other useful objects.

Formatting Text

Changing the appearance of fonts and manipulating paragraphs.


Making tables to keep things tidy the easy way and make your work look great.

Page layout

How to set things up at the top and bottom of pages just once for the whole document and master automatic page numbering.


Making documents look stunning with photographs and images. We’ll cover cropping pictures and changing borders and effects.

Styles and Outline

Work with Styles like a pro! You’ll do things once the way you want it then be able to re-use that style in every document saving hours of your time.

Proof, Printing and exporting

You’ll learn the way to check your work in moments and simple tips to insert stock paragraphs you normally re-type every time. Once it’s right, you can help save the planet by printing it correctly first time, you’ll get it done in one shot. 


Anyone can attend this course. Familiarity with the keyboard and using the mouse is assumed, but if you need to have help with basic Windows skills please contact us for help. 

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