Imagine Training

Microsoft Visio Level 2

This course is designed for experienced Visio users who wish to expand their knowledge.


  • Creating and Modifying Styles

Applying Styles

Creating a Template

  • Working with Stencils and Master Shapes

Creating a Stencil

Creating a Master Shape

Using the Master Drawing Window

Protecting Shapes and Documents

Changing Shape Behaviour

Using Automatic Layout

  • Merging Shapes

Using the Union Command

Using the Subtract Command

Using the Fragment Command

Using the Combine Command

Using the Intersect Command

  • Using Background Pages

Creating a Background Page

Assigning a Background Page

Displaying and Modifying Background and Foreground Pages

  • Working with Layers

Understanding Layers

Creating a Layer

Assigning a Shape to a Layer

Displaying Individual Layers

Setting Layer Properties

Removing a Layer

  • Inserting Pictures and Objects

Inserting a Picture

Inserting Fields

Embedding an Object

Linking an Object

  • Working with ShapeSheets

Understanding the ShapeSheet

Changing ShapeSheet Properties

Using the SmartShape Wizard

  • Using Special Features

Viewing Custom Properties of a Shape

Adding a Custom Property to a Shape

Using the Property Report Wizard

Working with Hyperlinks

Adding a Hyperlink

Using a Hyperlink