Imagine Training

Microsoft Word Expert - Level 3

Do you need to create large, extensive documents? You’ll learn how to create tables of content and this course will save hours for those who need to utilise the more advanced features of Word. The session will teach you the skills to create forms with drop down boxes and other interactive features, as well as showing you how to customise the program to suit the way you work. Imagine having all the buttons you want at your fingertips! Macros are covered so that you will learn how to record actions you repeat frequently. Give us a day and we’ll give you back a month!


Document interactivity

Learn how to make forms with drop down choices and text boxes for free typed answers. Make your document informative by inserting objects and charts.

Document references

Vital topic for those who need to create large documents. Quickly make tables of content so page numbers can be generated for your headings. You’ll cover creating Indexes, bibliographies and footnotes, formatting amazing looking documents in minutes.

Working efficiently

Many people don’t know that you can do this… you’ll be one of the privileged few who understands how to put your favourite buttons where you need them enabling you to work faster. You’ll construct Building Blocks to create re-useable pieces of content and pull other documents into one Master Document.

Macros and VBA fundamentals

Macros can sound scary but with our help it’s a doddle! You’ll learn how to record keystrokes when doing actions you repeat so that you can save time the next time you want to do the same thing. You’ll learn how to put those macros onto buttons so it’s a simple click to run the process again.

VBA programming

Practise makes perfect! You’ll have a basic understanding of how to handle errors and get your documents and forms working perfectly at the touch of a button. 


Ideally you will have completed Word Level 1 & 2 or have pre-requisite knowledge and experience. If you need any help deciding what level to do give us a call and we'll help you.