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Microsoft Word Professional - Level 2

If you’ve mastered the basics, but need to improve your productivity and do things faster by using Styles and Outlines, sign up for this course use your newly mastered skills on all your documents!

This course is all about making your documents look great, fast. You’ll learn how to share documents and work collaboratively, using the team’s ideas and choosing which to keep. At the end of this course you’ll know how to create a mail merged document, which can be addressed individually to thousands of recipients. Take the drudgery out of work and learn how to fly through your tasks in half the time!


Styles and Outlines

You’ll learn more about formatting, styles and how to use Outlines to move sections of your document around without cutting & pasting. Fewer mistakes, more speed.

Table formatting

You’ll progress to effortless production of great looking tables to keep your text in line.


You can use beautiful diagrams and SmartArt to creatively display ideas and concepts.

Advanced document formatting

Once you understand how to use sections you’ll be able to format different parts of the document individually, which speeds up your work. Master the use of columns and see how you can use Word’s inbuilt design features to make professional looking reports and other publications effortlessly.

Document sharing

Learn how to work as a team on a document, tracking changes made by individuals and choosing which to accept or reject. Need to know how to compare and combine similar documents? You will learn it in this lesson.

Mail Merge

Everything you need to know to create mail merge letters, label sheets and envelopes. Find out how to create or use your data list and create merge codes so every letter is addressed individually.


You should know your way around the keyboard and have covered the basics.