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Excel Level 4 Business Intelligence

This course is designed for an Advanced Excel user to Understand the capability of the new Business Intelligence tools in Excel and use them to create great data visualisations and dashboards.

Our Excel Business Intelligence course has been developed to fill the gap with this first look at the new data manipulation features. Intended for Advanced Excel users this course runs through how to use the tools – Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Maps and Desktop BI Visualisations.


How to Get BI Installed

First Steps if you are using an older version of Excel

Get  & Transform (now Power Query)

Identify Data Sources Internally
Search for data publicly available
Previewing data
Combining data from different sources
Sharing to collaborate with others
Power Pivot
Manipulating large amounts of data
Joining data from several tables
Creating & Editing Relationships between files and Tables
Power PivotTables and PivotCharts

First look at Desktop BI Visualisations

Creating a new Dashboard
Using data from multiple sources
Types of Charts
Types of Tables
Using Filters
Deleting & Editing Dashboard elements
Refreshing Data

Power Maps

Launching Power Map
Creating New Maps
Geography and Map Level
Types of Map Themes
Adding Map Labels

Creating Video

Adding Scenes
Playing a Tour
Adding Music
Playing within PowerPoint


This course requires completion of Level 3 (Advanced) Excel training or equivalent experience. For example, you should already be competent at creating Pivot Tables and Advanced Charts to take full advantage of this Advanced Features class. 

Please note - Excel BI features are only available within Excel 2013 or above. In Excel 2016 they are built in. We also look at Desktop Power BI App.