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Excel Level 3 Gurus

Learn how to become an Excel Guru using Logical functions to work out ‘What IF’ questions. Covering Maths, Statistical, Financial, Date and Time functions and Array formulas, together with VLOOKUP, will ensure you’ve got all the tools to manipulate Advanced Formula. You will cut down on data entry errors with Advanced Data Management; Cover importing and exporting data into Excel, how to use Goal Seek and Solver and create your own macros!


Logical and statistical functions

Become a Wizard by using Logical functions to work out ‘What IF’ questions. We cover 5 Popular Math and statistical functions for geeks but in a way that makes it easy to understand and conquer!

Financial and date functions

If you need to know how to use Financial, Date and Time functions and Array formulas, you’re on the right course!

Lookups and data tables

Need to know the fundamentals of VLOOKUPs? We’ll make sure you understand all the essentials and give you some great examples. Depending upon your needs we may also cover using MATCH and INDEX and creating Data Tables

Advanced data management

Want to speed up data entry on your spreadsheets? Then validating cell entries is one lesson you won’t want to miss. Build Drop down lists, data entry conditions like ‘not before date’ and fix how many characters can be input. Sure fire way to cut down data entry errors! 

Exporting and importing

Need to be a wizz at Exporting and Importing text files? If you work with external databases and want to manipulate that data in Excel this lesson is for you!

Analytical tools

Now we’re uncovering some of Excel’s best kept secrets such as how you can use Goal Seek and Solver to find the answer to your business questions! Take a peek at the  Analysis ToolPak and see how you can easily create ‘Scenarios’ to show different ‘What if’ situations and choose the best options.  

Macros and custom functions

You know you’re on your way to being an Excel Guru when you can create macros in Excel. We’ll even show you some of the behind the scenes VBA code and how to use  functions within your macros.


Delegates should have completed Excel Level 2 course or have equivalent experience. If you are not sure what level knowledge/experience you have please contact us to complete a free Training Needs Analysis.