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Excel Ninjas Level 2

To help you become an Excel Ninja we cover manipulating multiple files and worksheets, 3D formulas, linking cells and special number formats to speed up data entry; ways to collapse large workbooks to see the totals you need and advanced charting; Making amazing tables in one click with secret built in formula; You'll learn how to speed up navigation around your spreadsheet and use range names in formula; use the auditing features to check your work and protect your spreadsheet. Finally make Pivot Tables!


Using multiple worksheets and workbooks

We’ll show you how to use multiple workbooks and link them to save replication and keep data up to date. You’ll also learn the magic of 3-D formulas.

Advanced formatting

How to save time using special number formats and working with functions to format text.

Outlining and subtotals

Learn the amazing benefits of using Outlining on large lists of data and how to consolidate data to see totals by category and how to quickly and easily create subtotals.

Cell and range names

See the advantages of creating and using range names in your spreadsheets and how to manage them.


You’ll get the upper hand by knowing how to create a table in one click so you can easily sort and filter your data. 

Advanced charting

Take your charting skills to a professional level by learning how to use 5 key types of charts and manipulate them to show off your data!

Documenting and auditing

Discover how the professionals use Auditing features to find and eradicate errors in their spreadsheets, why and how to use Workbook Protection in your spreadsheets.

Templates and settings

Tired of creating the same documents over and over again? Learn how to simply create templates you can use repeatedly.

PivotTables and PivotCharts

Learn the secrets of PivotTables and feel like a Jedi Master of Excel! 


Delegates should have completed Excel Level 1 course or have equivalent experience. If you are not sure what level knowledge/experience you have please contact us to complete a free Training Needs Analysis.