Imagine Training

Microsoft Teams

This One Day introduction to Microsoft Teams will empower and inspire users and covers the role of Teams, Channels, Files, Meetings and Chat using Office 365.


You will learn how to:- 

  • Create and Manage a team’s user base
  • Work with Channels, Groups and Chats
  • Upload files and collaborate
  • Communicate with colleagues via chat, video and meetings
  • Use Teams on mobile devices

Course Contents

MS Teams Overview

What is Teams?

Accessing Teams and the Start Screen


Creating a Team

Public v Private

Join/Favourite a Team

Adding/Reordering/Leaving Teams

Get link to a team


Team Management

Adding Members/Owners

Member/Guest Permissions

Profile Management

Team picture


Creating/Managing/Viewing a Channel

Channel Connectors


Email to Channel

Get link to a channel

Adding Tabs

Adding Uploaded Excel File to a Tab

Interacting with Tabbed File


Conversation Thread

Tag a Person, Channel, Team

Like a message

Saved messages

Mark as unread


Start a Chat

Activity threads

1-1 and Group Private chat

Message the whole Team

Add people to a Chat (inc. Guests)

Formatting and Emoji’s, Memes, Stickers


Converting Chats to Meetings

Status indicators


Create a Group

Create a Team for an existing group

Group conversations vs conversations in Teams

Group Calendar

Group Planner/Site

Find Content

Find Chats, Files, People

Feed filter

My Activity feed

Search Commands


Using Video or Phone audio

Meetings/Conference Calls

Scheduling and Joining Meetings

Meeting tools

Share Desktop

Teams on Mobile IOS/Android

SharePoint/OneNote integration


User Account settings

Notification settings

Optional Extra Topics

Teams and SharePoint

Group site vs Team site

Team document library

Teams and Flow

Integrate Apps – Review available Apps

Connectors – Facebook/Twitter


Anyone can attend this course. Familiarity with the keyboard and using the mouse is assumed, but if you need to have help with basic Windows skills please contact us for help.