Imagine Training

About Us

Are your employees maximising every minute of their computer time?

Imagine every one of your employees saving 15-20 minutes a day of frustration on their computer … getting important documents done quicker and easier … creating better-looking and more accurate work … all because they learned some little-known shortcuts and techniques.

We help you increase productivity by teaching your staff tips and techniques for Microsoft Office. With our training, they’ll transition seamlessly to updated versions and find little-known features.

Most people either don’t know about these or they don’t know how to access them quickly.

What would it look like if all your employees knew all the Microsoft Office tips and techniques? Not only knew them, but actually applied them every day?

How we can help

It’s simple. We check what your training gaps are and help you organise your staff to attend the right course for them. We offer:-

  • Classroom Training, OR we come to you Onsite with jam-packed full-day workshops.
  • Onsite 2 hour Tips and Tricks Sessions  What’s New? in your version of software.
  • 2 hour Live Online Learning sessions, where you don’t need to leave your desk.
  • Our Onsite ‘Office Expert’ service pointing out individually quicker ways to work.
  • ‘Floorwalking’ helping you upgrade your software painlessly with a trainer onsite.

With this blend of methods, you choose what suits you (and your budget) and we customise the training to your needs and make it fun. Most important, we show your team how to apply the shortcuts, tips, and techniques. You’ll see immediate results, guaranteed.